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Car Organization collage for Pinterest


When you are a busy mom driving your kids everywhere, organizing your car isn’t always at the top of your to-do-list.  I totally get it!  But when your car is more organized, everything is where you need it to be, and that’s going to be less stress for you!

Make sure you start by cleaning out your car so you have an idea of what you need to keep and organize.  I’m here to show you some incredibly easy car organization ideas that will make you feel good about getting in your car!  These are things I’ve done myself and it’s really made a difference!

1.  Hand sanitizer and wipes in the door

We use the sanitizer ALL.THE.TIME.  I put both in the driver’s side door so it’s within reach.  Even though our girls are older, you never know when wipes will come in handy.  You can also use the wipes for a quick cleaning of your dashboard!


Sanitizer and wipes stored in car door


2. Store Kleenex in a travel coffee cup

I put Kleenex in a travel coffee cup that gets stored in one of the back seat doors.  Depending on the time of the year, I also put a Puffs Soft Pack back there.  They fit perfectly! I love the soft packs because the boxes kept getting stepped on!


Kleenex storage in the car


3. Use plastic trays for umbrellas

If you leave an umbrella(s) in the car, using a plastic tray will keep it in place.  Just slide the tray under a seat and you’ll always know where to find it. (Please don’t put them under the front of the driver’s seat where it might come out and be a hazard!).


Umbrellas storage bin for car


4. Small plastic container for change

These plastic containers can store a lot of different things, and in the car, I use them to put coins in.  They fit perfectly in my Car Kit, but can also fit great in your console.  You can always use a small zippered pouch or resalable snack/sandwich baggies.


small coin storage for car


5. Expandable folder for car paperwork

Have you ever opened your glove compartment and everything falls out? :0 Argh! It’s so frustrating!  Even if you don’t have a lot of papers in your car, this small file folder works perfectly to keep it all organized. I even put a couple blank envelopes and stamps in it just in case.

I had to take my car into the dealer recently and needed a loaner car.  While I was waiting, the woman helping me was able to find my car insurance easily in my file folder without everything tumbling out. Woohoo!



6. Baskets for holding food

The biggest source of trash/mess in my car is from my kids eating.  I’ve been trying really really ( super duper ) hard recently to not have food in the car, but there are some days where I can’t avoid it.

This way the food stays in the basket (well.. almost all of the time).  I found these pink baskets at Hobby Lobby and I’ve also seen something similar at the Dollar Tree.


Kids basket for eating in the car


7.  Mom’s Car Kit

I put together a Mom’s car kit because we always seemed to be going somewhere and needing something that I didn’t have with me.  This way I am always prepared if one of my girls, or even myself, needs something while we are out. Our car kit has been a lifesaver!


Moms Car Kit open and closed


8. Car trunk organizer

This organizer is absolutely fantastic! With 2 of our girls in sports, this has been a great way to keep their sports balls, ball pump, etc. stored neatly in the back.

I have a Honda Pilot, so I don’t have an actual trunk, but this fits perfectly.  I also store the baskets we use if we eat in the car, a blanket, reusable grocery bags etc. The options are endless! One of my best purchase ever!


Car organizer


9. Trash can for the car

I love love love my hanging car trash bag, I even bought one for my mom and sister in law! ( I found it on Etsy)  It can be hung from a car seat headrest.  If you’d like another option, using a plastic cereal container as a trash can would work wonderfully.   Tip: I store extra plastic bags underneath the one I’m currently using so I always have one handy.


Car trash bag around headrest


10. Keeping kids sunglass safe

An easy and inexpensive way to store kids sunglasses is in a plastic pencil case.  They can be decorated too. 🙂  The case can be stored easily under a back seat, or even your console.


Kids sunglasses storage for the car


Car Organization Ideas

I hope that you found some great ways to help keep your car more organized!  Some tips just involve moving things around, and others you might need to buy something.  The car organizer, small expandable folder, and car trash bag have been some of the best things I’ve ever bought!

Do you have a great way you organize things in your car? Leave a comment or send me an email!

Erica Welch

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