Last day of school fun


I can’t believe that school is almost out and summer is almost here! If you are looking for some fun and unique last day of school ideas then look no further! Here are 15 of my favorite last day of school ideas!

1.  Ice Cream Party

What a way to celebrate the end of the school year! It doesn’t get any better than friends, ice cream, and  SUMMER! ( from


Ice cream party



2.  Last Day of School All About Me Printable

This is a great way for kids to look back and remember their school year! I created printables for our girls to fill out and they will be a memory to look at year after year! (Background photo from


Last day of school printable


3.  Hello Summer Buckets!

What kid wouldn’t want to come home on the last day of school and see this bucket waiting for them?! You can also use a basket, a bag, or any container to fill with fun!


Hello summer bucket


4.  Summer Passport

This is a wonderful way to remember the fun things you will be doing over the summer! I’ve got my girls printed and ready to go! ( from


Summer Fun Passport


5.  Summer Reading Bucket List

Make your summer reading extra fun by using this reading bucket list! It is full of such creative ideas!(from


Summer reading bucket list


6.  Summer Coupon Activities Book

Need a way to keep the kids busy this summer? Print out this coupon book that is filled with fun ideas!  The book even comes with a blank sheet for you to fill in your own activities.  I printed out one for our girls and I know they will be so excited!  (from


Summer coupon book


7.  Summer I’m bored jar

When you hear the lovely words ” I’m bored!” this summer, show your kids the I’m bored jar(s)! I made ours last summer and am bringing them out again. My rule is once they have taken out a stick they can’t put it back for another one.  Note to self: have all supplies ready ahead of time! 🙂


I'm bored jars


8.  Gallery of School Art Work

This is such a wonderful idea to display some of your kids’ artwork at the end of the year!  My girls bring home artwork all the time and this would be a fabulous way to show them at the end of the year what little artists they really are! (from


Kids art work gallery


9.  Welcome Summer Banner

The picture says it all! 🙂   If you don’t have a large paper roll at home you can always use computer paper and keep the sheets together with washi tape or even packing tape.


Welcome to summer banner


10.  Beginning and End of the Year Pictures

Fancy signs not required (but are adorable if you have one!) You’ll be amazed at how much your little ones have grown over the school year! Don’t forget to take their picture!


Beginning and end of school year


11.  Glitter toes

If you have girls then this fun and fancy tradition is a must! (or really for any time!)  Paint their toenails with glitter polish for their last day of school! (from


glitter nail polish


12.  Last day of school autograph ideas

Here are a few ways for your kids to get their friends autographs on the last day of school!  A frisbee, beach ball, or t-shirt work perfectly, or even have your kids make an autograph book! ( Beach ball idea from


Autograph beach ball


13.  Hula Hoop Fun!

Hula Hoop your way through summer! Do your kids love to hula hoop? Grab some, make a cute sign, and they can get busy! (from


Hula Hoops


14.  Sidewalk chalk party

Kids young and old can have fun writing with chalk! Let their creative minds wander!                                            (from


sidewalk chalk


15.  Water balloon bucket

All right moms….if your kids ride home on the bus you could be ready to surprise them with some water balloons! Or if they get picked up from school ( like my girls), you could have these ready to go so they can PLAY when they get home!


water balloons



I hope that these ideas have given you different ways to celebrate the last day of school. It’s not necessarily the day they remember but the memories that you have created.

Happy Last Day of School!

Erica Welch

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